Sunday, March 19, 2017

Power the Imagination

I honestly cannot remember the last time I picked up a fairy tale. I cannot remember the last time I truly got lost in another world. The books I read, about leadership, management, children, education, and neuroscience, etc. are all cerebral. These types of books require us to think, process and decipher the information for further use. Sometimes it’s to spark inspiration and help us make a difference in whatever we are working on at the time. Or to get out of a rut. Rarely do we as adults, just pick up a fantasy book and dive in, head first. We don’t. We are so caught up in all our new information and “nonfiction” lives that we stop remembering to play. To just be. We forget to pick up a book that goes beyond the newest science updates and strategies for success. We forget that learning isn’t all about facts, strategies and so on. It’s about letting that creativity within us come out and play. It’s about letting go of our “nonfiction” lives and embrace the possibility of the impossible. When we as adults can do this… when we can stop and embrace the fantasy we set a positive example for our children. We model to them that learning isn’t all about facts and strategies. It’s not only about subjects that seem like no fun. It’s about being creative and delving into the unknown. Fantasies give our children (and us as adults) the chance to stop and experience the impossible through a book. It allows us to be exposed to what others can create. This opens our imaginations to the impossible and sometimes to things that are possible. The word itself does say “im-possible”. The next time you go to the library or book store and your child wants a crazy looking fantasy book, don’t say no. Instead offer to read it with them. There’s no better way to spend time with your child than reading a book. And if you can make your imagination and theirs soar at the same time, it’s all the more worthwhile.